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   - Please register on our website by clicking the "Register to Bid" button at the top of the page in the navigation or within the mobile menu.

   - No. Sierra Auction is a public Auction, anyone can participate!

   - A valid, government-issued ID (i.e. driver's license or passport)
   - Must be 18 years of age or older (We require customers to be at least 16 years of age to enter the property)
   - Complete company name, address, telephone number and contact name if purchasing
   - Copy of dealer and resale certificate if you are a dealer

Fees, Taxes and Payments

   - In-Person Payments are NOT accepted at Sierra. All payments must be made via steps 1 & 2 below:

   - 1. FOLLOW THE LINK IN THE INVOICE EMAIL WE SENT TO YOU to pay with credit/debit, you will receive a paid invoice immediately. –For surplus/onsites only
   - 2. To pay with credit/debit card please see your invoice for more details. (3% will be added to your total) -For surplus/onsites/vehicles
   - 3. Zelle (Through your bank) to (no fee) -For surplus/onsites/vehicles only
   - 4. Direct Deposit/Transfer (no fee); Chase (Account: 397212199) or Bank of America (Account: 457002720203)
   - 5. Wire; Chase (Account: 397212199) (no fee)-For surplus/onsites/vehicles only

   - No. We will send winning bidders an email with all possible payment methods.

   - Yes. You just need to supply a copy of your Resale or Dealers License, an AZ 5000A form and a valid ID. Here is a link to the AZ 5000A form: Please email all forms to

   - No. There are protocols to follow to be tax exempt. Please email for more information.

   - Yes! You must provide an AZ 5011 Form, a Valid Driver License and either a Bill of Lading OR an AZ 90-day permit. We can provide the permit for $45, please request and send all forms to: Here is a link to the AZ5011 form:

   - Fees are different for each asset class we sell. We also have a handy fee calculator on the same page, purple button - "INVOICE ESTIMATOR". Please refer to this link for reference where you will find the estimator and the full fee structure for each asset class.

   - No, but you can view your invoice for payment options OR Use Zelle or a wire transfer! Refer to the body of your invoice email for all available payment methods.

Purchase Removal

   - Please refer to the body of your invoice email! Most auction-specific information is there! This info will not be in the attachment.

   - Yes! We ask that you email a copy of your valid ID, a completed Chargeback waiver, first and last name of the person picking up along with their valid ID to Here is the link for our chargeback form:

   - Please email your Invoice Number, transporter name, to:

   - Typical pick-up Hours are Mon-Wed 8-3pm, but always refer to the body of your invoice email for exact info. Hours vary by auction.

   - In general, yes! But, please refer to to the body of your invoice email for exact info.

   - All of our bidding is online. You can preview any of the items in person. Typically, preview is the Friday before bidding closes. Please check the website for auction-specific previews, as auctions vary!

   - Our auction calendar is on our website! Here is the link:


   - Yes and No! Depending on the department. We offer 3rd party shipping for surplus and we offer transport for vehicles in the AZ area, please email for a quote. Out-of-state vehicle transport will need to be arranged by the customer.

   - Of course! You can always email: with ANY questions about shipping.

   - Absolutely! You can send any company that you choose. Just be sure to email the email address assigned at the end of your invoice email body for more instructions.

   - We cannot provide that, but Pakmail, our 3rd party shipper has an estimator here:

   - No. The 3rd party shipper that handles shipping will handle payments for shipping.


   - It will be mailed out to the address ON THE INVOICE. Any questions or concerns please email:

   - Yes! We need a copy of both parties valid ID and an authorization email sent to:

   - Yes! Send a copy of a valid ID and official proof of business ownership. along with an authorization email to:

Phoenix Office

  • 3570 Grand Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85019
  • Phone: (602) 242-7121
  • Fax: (602) 246-1903
  • View Map

Tucson Office

  • 3911 N Highway Dr, Tucson, AZ 85705
  • Phone: (602) 242-7121
  • Fax: (520) 882-1553
  • View Map

Business Hours

Phoenix Location

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 4pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Tucson Location

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 4pm
  • Saturday: Closed (Auctions online ONLY, 1st and 3rd Saturday)
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Preview Days (Thursday & Friday before Auction): 8am-4pm

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