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Registration / Bidding

Q: How do I register to bid in auctions?
A: Currently ALL of our auctions are taking place online through Customers need to register for a one-time Free Buyer Account through Once signed up, just sign in to your new buyer account and visit one of our listed auctions to request participation in that auction. Please Note: There may be a credit or debit card deposit required in order to participate in the auction. Once you have been cleared to bid, you can then begin placing bids on any auction that you have requested participation in.

Q: Can anyone attend the auction?
A: All of our auctions, unless otherwise specified, are completely open to the public and no dealer license is needed! Currently ALL of our auctions and bidding are taking place online only. There are no live auctions at this time. Live public preview is available prior to the auction. See auction listing for details.

Q: What kinds of items are sold at auction?
A: If something can be sold, it has probably been sold at auction. Sierra Auction sells a wide variety of personal, State, & Government property including: cars, trucks, vans, suvs, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles, industrial machinery, restaurant equipment, surplus electronics, computers, firearms, jewelry, collectibles, fine art, and much more!

Q: How do I sign up for upcoming auction alerts?
A: First head over to and fill in all required fields to sign up for our auction newsletter. This newsletter alerts our customers to upcoming auctions and onsite sales that we hold each and every week of the year!


Buying at Auction

Q: How do I place bids?
A: Currently ALL of our auctions are taking place online through Once you have created your free buyer account and have been approved, it’s as simple as visiting, choosing an auction to enter, and requesting participation. Once approved, you can start bidding! Yes! It’s truly that simple! You may either place a standard bid; bid per incremental values of the next bid amount, or set your maximum bid amount and let the Proxibid system auto-bid for you up to your maximum bid amount. We ask that customers ONLY place bids on items they are trying to win.

Q: How do I stop bidding?
A: As long as you did not set a maximum bid, simply do not place any more bids and log out of Proxibid to avoid any issues. If you have placed a bid on an item by mistake you will need to contact us in order to try and expedite the bid removal. Please Note: Bids of $500 or more that are placed on ANY item require management approval for bid removal. If you place winning bids but then refuse to pay, you will be banned from all of our auctions until full payment or a renege fee (which is typically $500) has been paid.

Q: Can anyone attend the auction?
A: All of our auctions, unless otherwise specified, are completely open to the public, and no dealer license is needed! Currently ALL of our auctions and bidding are taking place online only. There are no live auctions at this time. Live public preview is available prior to the auction. See auction listings for details.

Q: Can I preview the items before the auction?
A: Yes, and this is something that we strongly encourage our customers to do routinely per auction. Generally, you may preview the items in person the day before the auction (typically Friday prior to the auction). This information is also available online at

Q: What is a buyer’s or internet premium?
A: A Buyer’s or Internet Premium is a percentage of the winning bid that’s added to the final sale price. Please see our Fee Structure for a complete pricing chart of our Buyer's & Internet Premiums and other fees associated with purchases.

Q: What is the difference between an "absolute" and a "reserve" auction?
A: An absolute auction means that the item is sold to the highest bidder, regardless of price. A reserve auction (sometimes referred to as an auction "subject to seller confirmation") means that the seller or consignor reserves the right to accept or reject a bid that has not met their reserve price.

Q: What if I placed a bid on a wrong item by accident?
A: We ask that customers ONLY bid on items that they are trying to win. If this should happen prior to the auction please call and ask for a manger to handle this issue. If this happens during the auction, please alert the agent through the Proxibid chat window in the auction to see if there is a resolution that can be made.

Q: How do I know if I was the winning bidder?
A: The winning bidder will be contacted via email or phone call by Sierra Auction Management, Inc. We typically email invoices on each Monday of the week following an auction. If an auction ends on a Saturday or Sunday, please expect the email the following Monday. In the event of a holiday, please note that Sierra Auction will email the day after the holiday. You will be provided with an invoice that reflects all purchases and any fees that apply. You will also receive payment instructions at this time. If the bidder has questions during the auction they can use the messenger function of the bidder application to message the Proxibid Agent and verify if they won the lot in question or not. You will also have the ability to see a won item on your Proxibid Buyer Dashboard.

Q: Is there a guarantee or warranty?
A: All of the items presented for sale in the auction are sold "as is – where is," with no warranties or guarantees. Therefore, we encourage all bidders to preview and inspect items before the auction to determine quality, condition, and proper identification of the items you intend to bid on, allowing you to bid with confidence.


Selling Your Goods at Auction

Q: How do I sell items at a Sierra Auction location?
A: Please reach out to the appropriate Sierra Auction location: Phoenix: (602) 242-7121 | Tucson: (520) 882-0111 and ask to speak to a vehicle, equipment, surplus, onsite, or firearms manager regarding your items. They will then evaluate your items and help make the decision whether to have you consign your items or have them auctioned.

Q: How do I sell items from my own location?
A: This is what we call an "Onsite Auction Event." Typically, these events have auction items stored and staged at your business or specified location. One of our onsite staff members will come in and evaluate your items and offer a consignment contract to begin the auction setup. This includes complete inventorying of assets, photographing, titling, and describing each asset in full detail in order to get you top dollar for your assets.

Q: How long does it take to get my auction booked or setup?
A: Typically, we ask for about three to four weeks of preparation before holding the auction, which allows for the sufficient time to get the items inventoried and to also "get the word out" about the auction. Advertising is one of the most important steps for having a successful auction.

Q: What are your seller fees?
A: As a policy we do not publicly advertise our fee schedule and consignment rate. We encourage anyone considering selling items at auction to contact us before making a decision to contract with any other provider. We disclose all costs involved to sell items at auction as well as what services we provide and the many benefits of doing business with us.

Q: Do you handle appraisals?
A: Yes, we can provide appraisals for vehicles, personal property, antiques, and collectibles regardless of whether we hold your auction or not. Please Contact Us for more information.

Q: Do you sell items with reserves?
A: Typically, you will get more for items sold at absolute pricing with no reserve. Selling at absolute creates a frenzy type of atmosphere and will typically get more for items, but sometimes we do take reserves. In some instances, our contracts demand that we sell a vehicle or other item with a reserve, in which case we will notify buyers that an item is being sold with a reserve or "pending seller confirmation."

Q: Do you handle forced sales and bankruptcies?
A: We are licensed and bonded with the U.S. Trustee Office and regularly sell bankruptcy assets and other seized or forced asset sales.


Company Info

Q: How often are there auctions?
A: Sierra Auction typically has multiple weekly auction events both at our Phoenix and Tucson locations. Visit us online at to view our upcoming auctions.

Q: Why do customers trust Sierra Auction?
A: With over 35 years in business, Sierra Auction holds a very high standard in customer service and customer experience. Sellers trust us to accurately and professionally represent their items at auction or consignment.

Q: Where is Sierra Auction located?
A: We have two locations! Phoenix and Tucson, serving Arizona as the largest and most trusted auction house in the state.

Phoenix: 3570 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85019 | Phone: (602) 242-7121
Tucson: 3911 North Highway Drive, Tucson, AZ 85705 | Phone: (520) 882-0111

Q: Who do I contact if I have an issue?
A: If you are experiencing an issue with something other than your Proxibid account, please contact us at either location. Phoenix: (602) 242-7121 | Tucson: (520) 882-0111 or via email at or If you are having trouble with your Proxibid account or need to update your customer info on that account please reach out to Proxibid Support at (877) 505-7770 via email at or

Q: I speak Spanish, do you have a bilingual staff?
A:Yes (Si), many of our staff members are fluent in both English and Spanish. Contact a customer care representative today if you need assistance.

Q: Is Sierra Auction licensed?
A: Yes, we are in full compliance with licensure in each of the cities in which we conduct auctions. Every professional auctioneer should be educated in the laws governing the auction industry, thus attending an auction school is very important as is continuing their auction education through continued education programs. The auction industry is regulated by the federal government, so being aware of the changing regulations is imperative to having a successful, clean, smooth, and legal auction.


Payments & Fees

Q: When will I get my Invoice?
A: Currently with ALL of our auctions taking place through online only bidding, the winning bidder will be contacted via email by Sierra Auction Management, Inc. You will be provided with an invoice that reflects all of your purchases and any and all fees that apply. The winning bidder will also receive payment and pick up instructions at this time.

Q: How and when do I pay for my Items?
A: We typically allow payments to be made after the auction ends and until the following Wednesday by 3:00 pm for all payments and pickups. Payment may be made by credit or debit card (fees apply), wire transfer, and direct deposit. Please see our Make A Payment page for more details. Payments made using a debit card (with or without pin) or a credit card incur an additional 3% surcharge. See our Fee Structure page for more details.

Q: What is my total including taxes and fees?
A: The final winning bid placed is NOT the total you owe. Depending on the type of auction, there may be different fees and/or buyer’s/internet premiums that are applied at a nominal rate. You will want to familiarize yourself with the specific auction’s details to see what charges apply to that auction. Please visit our Fee Structure and Make A Payment pages or see your invoice for full details.

Q: I am out of the country; how do payments work?
A:Typically, payments that are coming from outside of the United States are handled by our payment gateway on our website's Make A Payment page, through wire transfer or direct deposit. We DO NOT accept cash, any form of checks, or money orders. We typically allow payments to be made after the auction ends and until the following Wednesday by 3:00 pm for all payments and pickups. Payments made using a Debit Card (with or without pin) or a Credit Card incur an additional 3% surcharge. See our Fee Structure page for more details.


Local Pick Up & Shipping

Q: How do I pick up my items?
A: When you buy an item at the auction you are responsible for it. All items need to be removed by the Wednesday following the auction by 3:00 pm AZ Time. If you need assistance to load large items into your vehicle or transport, simply ask a staff member for assistance. We are here to help. Please Note: Late fees and storage fees will be added to your invoice if not picked up by the time specified on your invoice.

Q: How do I ship my items?
A: Please see our Shipping Page for more details. The removal of auction-purchased assets is the sole responsibility of the buyer within 3 business days after the auction ends. Sierra Auction will use Pak Mail for all shipping except firearms, and the customer will be contacted by Pak Mail for shipping arrangements and payment. All other shipping arrangements are the responsibility of the winning bidder. No loading dock is available.

Q: I am out of the country how does shipping work?
A: Similar to the above mentioned. Please contact the appropriate Sierra Auction location for more details.

Phoenix Shipping

Contact Annette De La Huerta Phone: (602) 242-7121 ext. 121 | Email:

Phoenix Pak Mail Superstore (US267)
Website: | Phone: (480) 893-3278 | Email:

Tucson Shipping

Tucson Pak Mail Northwest Tucson (US065)
Website: | Phone: (520) 797-0355 | Email:

Transport Companies

Craters and Freighters
Website: | Phone: (480) 966-9929

Website: | Phone: (602) 314-6833

Sierra Auction may provide recommendations for preferred shippers but in no way are we guarantying the performance of the shipping company or satisfaction of the bidder. Sierra Auction merely provides the contact information of shipping companies as a convenience for our bidders and it should not be mistaken or substituted for due diligence.

Buyers are responsible for obtaining all insurance and documentation necessary to ship items prior to pick up. Buyers must first pay and obtain an invoice stamped PAID. Buyers must provide any shipper with a copy of the PAID invoice or send written approval for the shipper to remove any items from Sierra Auction. Sierra Auction is open for load out of paid items on auction day after the auction is complete and 3 weekdays following the auction. Hours available for load out are 8:00am-3:00 pm AZ Time. Caveat Emptor still applies.

Onsite Auctions (Taking place outside of a Sierra location)
Customers must make arrangements for any and all pick up and shipping. Sierra Auction recommends the services of Pak Mail. Sierra Auction DOES NOT handle shipping from onsite auction events.

Customers must remove items or arrange for removal of items that require disassembly from a third-party company. Sierra Auction does not handle removal or disassembly of auction items.

It is the customer’s responsibility to load out and remove ALL items from an onsite auction event. There are exceptions that can be made if an item resides at a Sierra Auction location while being sold by "Picture Only" through an onsite auction event. Any and all shipping expenses, including insurance, shipping labels or any processing and handling are to be paid in full by the customer prior to shipment. Additional charges apply for processing and handling.


Auction Terminology

Passenger Vehicles – These items are sold in a running condition. Under NO circumstances does Sierra warrant that these vehicles are free from defects in the engine, transmission, or drive train. It simply allows the buyer to have a level of confidence that the vehicle can move forward/backward.

Selling Stationary – These items are sold with a key and have been deemed unsafe to be driven or undriveable, but do start either on their own or through the use of a battery jump start.

Non-Runner – These items are sold with or without a key and cannot be started. Vehicles in this category could include engine problems, missing parts, collision vehicles, or virtually any other issue that would cause a vehicle to be a non-runner.

BOX A – Actual Mileage.
BOX B – Mileage exceeds the mechanical limits of the odometer.
BOX C – True Mileage Unknown.

Reserve Not Met - This means that the item has a reserve price amount that must be met before the item can be sold. If the item does not meet the reserve amount requirement it may also be offered as an IF or on a call.

On A Call / Sold as IF - Any item that has a reserve amount that has not been met or is close to the reserve amount can be offered on a phone call or if. This is where we reach out to the consignor of the item and ask if they will take less than the reserve amount that was placed on the item.

Absolute Auction: All items in the auction will be sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the bid. There is no reserve or minimum on the item for bid.

Auction With Reserve: Some or all items in the auction have a minimum bid that must be reached by the bidder before the auctioneer can sell the item to the bidder. This type of auction is reserved mainly for property with a high value such as construction equipment, homes or commercial real estate.

As-Is / Where-Is: There is no warranty on the merchandise and the bidder is responsible for removal from the auction location. This means that the bidder must rely on their own information to make bidding decisions. The bidder is responsible to inspect and move the merchandise.

Choice: Auctioneers use this buying option when more than one product is being offered for sale. The bidder may bid for an individual item, and the winning bidder may take as many of the set as they wish. If the bidder does not want them all, then they are for sale at the same price to any bidder.

All For One Money: Multiple items are being offered for sale and what you bid is one price for all of the items. Bids for individual items are not accepted.

So Much Each & All Go: Multiple items are being offered for sale and the bidder’s price is per item, however; the bidder must take all the items.

Sold: When the auctioneer says the word “sold” or the gavel falls after the bidding has ceased, the item is sold as the auctioneer directs to the clerk. The bidding cannot be reopened after the word "sold" is said.

Final Word: The auctioneer has the final word in all bidding situations. If the ring man took your bid and the auctioneer did not see the bid, the item is sold as the auctioneer directs. The staff at Sierra Auction Management is happy to provide you with further information and to answer any of your questions about the auction process.

Phoenix Office

  • 3570 Grand Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85019
  • Phone: (602) 242-7121
  • Fax: (602) 246-1903
  • View Map

Tucson Office

  • 3911 N Highway Dr, Tucson, AZ 85705
  • Phone: (520) 882-0111
  • Fax: (520) 882-1553
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Business Hours

Phoenix Location

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 4pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Tucson Location

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 4pm
  • Saturday: Closed (Auctions online ONLY, 1st and 3rd Saturday)
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Preview Day (Friday before Auction): 10am-4pm

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