About Us
Sierra Auction Management, Inc. is the largest privately owned auction company in Arizona. Sierra regularly hosts live auction crowds of 800 to 1,200 people, many times its nearest competitor. In addition, Sierra hosts one of the most sophisticated on-line sales auctions in the nation.

Unlike any other auction company, Sierra services the entire state of Arizona with large full service, professionally staffed, bilingual, facilities in both the Phoenix and Tucson market areas. Sierra is a very well established auctioneer having serviced Arizona private consignors, corporations and governmental units in the State of Arizona for over 25 years.

Sierra is the exclusive auction company for vehicles, equipment and surplus assets for over 150 government agencies, large and small corporations, bankruptcy trustees, financial institutions, and charities. Sierra is the sole auction outlet for all seized vehicles for the Counter Narcotics Alliance, the Attorney General of the State of Arizona, DPS, Maricopa County Sheriff, and the vast majority of Police agencies state wide! Sierra has also partnered with Father Joe's Village to auction donated vehicles. For more information on donating a vehicle to this charity, visit them online.

While our long history and extensive clientele are impressive, our legendary customer service philosophy and unmatched advertising and marketing expertise are equally as impressive.

Sierra is a progressive and professional organization that is constantly improving its capabilities and services. Sierra is committed to offering the finest and fairest auction services in Arizona.

A company is only as good as its commitment to providing Legendary Customer Service and the people that support that service philosophy. Please take the time to meet our team of hardworking, friendly professionals.


Donald D. Clark, President- CAGA, USPAP
Don Clark is an experienced business executive with numerous years of corporate management experience and an extensive background in advertising and marketing, having owned and operated a highly successful publishing company, a software company, a computer service company. Don was one of the co-founders of the Phoenix Children's Cancer Center, and has served on numerous boards and committees with the initiative of halting cancer in children and adults. He is a member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), the Arizona State Auctioneers Association, the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees (NABT), the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA), and the "Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice" (USPAP). Sierra is honored to be led by an individual of the caliber of Don Clark, a tremendous industry professional and an extremely warm and giving person.

Dan White, CEO
Sierra is extremely excited about the recent addition of Dan White to their team. Reasonably so, since Dan's resume' is loaded with experience; 15 years at Quinn Cat (operations span fifteen counties throughout central and southern California, including Arizona) has contributed to Dan's extensive knowledge of heavy equipment, down to the smallest part. That experience led to his 15 years with Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers as Regional Manager in Arizona.

Dan is a living, breathing database of heavy and industrial equipment, he's motivated, and he's an expert leader of people and processes, making him exceedingly qualified to direct Sierra into accomplishing all present and future goals.

Robert J. Glovitz, Executive Vice President
In addition to his partnership in Sierra, Bob is a lifelong entrepreneur who has run five start-up companies. Glovitz is a four time finalist as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Arizona. Prior to his partnership in Sierra, his most recent venture was ADS Communications, Inc., which he founded in 1992. ADS earned recognition as the 85th fastest growing firm in 1998 on Deloitte & Touche's National Fast 500 list. Bob is also a Certified Public Accountant. He earned a bachelor's degree with honors from Northeastern University and has a graduate degree from American University.

Glovitz believes in making social contributions, too. Bob and his wife, Cheryl, have been active in the Crisis Nursery, the Juvenile Diabetes Association, Drugs Don't Work in Arizona and the Liberty Wildlife Association. Bob also coached Little League.

In March of 2002, Mr. Glovitz was appointed to a four-year term as a member of the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation ("CCFF"). In 2003 Mr. Glovitz became the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CCFF. The CCFF is one of only five Foundations that were created by the US Congress. The CCFF established a unique scientific competition for middle school students, and awards fellowships to "Columbus Scholars" to encourage new discoveries for the benefit of mankind.

Brett Higgins, General Manager/Auctioneer- CA, CPPA, USPAP, CREA, CCFA
Brett has over 15 years of auction experience and is a member of Sierra's executive management team. As a former broker of equipment and industrial surplus, Brett has traveled throughout North America buying surplus assets and redistributing them worldwide.  Brett is also a Certified Auctioneer (CA) and was voted by the Continental Auctioneer’s University as Best All-Around Auctioneer in November of 2008. Brett is also a member of the Arizona Auctioneers Association.

Additionally, Brett holds a number of appraisal certifications including CPPA (Certified Personal Property Appraiser), USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), and numerous other appraisal certifications (Heavy and Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Antiques, Farm Machinery, Classic and Antique Automobiles, and many others).

Brett has a comprehensive understanding of the auction business from a buyer and seller perspective, coupled with a background in marketing, human relations and an understanding of technology. Brett is uniquely qualified to manage the marketing, advertising, and auction operations of Sierra. Brett's responsibilities include marketing consigned items; he is an expert at finding the buyers most interested and in need of the specific items consigned to Sierra. Brett does his best to ensure that Sierra achieves full and fair market values for our consignors. Brett markets consigned assets nationwide, and when appropriate, on a worldwide basis, using unique buyer lists developed by Sierra over the past 25 years, specialized industrial buyers lists, internet market techniques and various commercially available buyer and seller listings.

Shelly Sullivan, Asset Liquidation Specialist
Organized, professional, driven, and attentive- Shelly is the epitome of those qualities.  Since 1999, Shelly has been working with Corporations, Municipalities, Government Agencies, Bankruptcy Trustees, and others, to ensure that every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed. Shelly works closely with our Trustees in the US Bankruptcy Court, and other major consignors, carefully maintains all records and insures all authorizations are received and documented for each sale. With volume often exceeding 400 vehicles per auction, Shelly's comprehensive knowledge of titles, repo affidavits, bills of sale, and other necessary legal documentation ensures that all transactions are completed successfully.

Ada Amador, Assistant Office Manager, Title Processing Assistant
Ada is wonderful asset to both Sierra and our consignors. In addition to assisting the office manager in overseeing daily office operations, Ada assists in ensuring that vehicles are properly titled prior to each sale, all MVD records are up to date, and that title transfers have been properly conveyed. Ada also supervises invoice processing, data entry, filing, record storage, bilingual telephone communications, agency case number tracking, and numerous other duties. Ada is fluent in English and Spanish.

Sherri Jones, Marketing Manager

Sherri manages all print, mail and online marketing/advertising for Sierra. With Sherri's extensive 15+ Corporate Marketing experience, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit - having owned numerous businesses, she brings to Sierra the tools needed to aid in the continuation of Sierra's forward thinking and development. As an Arizona native Sherri is adept at identifying buyer trends and adopting effective advertising methods to successfully capture the Arizona market. She makes certain that Sierra's advertising and marketing efforts are targeting the right buyers. Sherri coordinates Sierra's internet/online marketing campaigns, including Search Engine Optimization. She also assists in effectively "staging" Sierra consigned items to ensure Sierra achieves maximum market value.


Christine Nareau, Logistics Manager/Yard Foreman
Chris has been with Sierra for over 12 years and has worked and managed virtually every function in the business.  Chris coordinates directly with consignors to arrange all vehicle and equipment transportation, directs Sierra's warehouse/yard staff in identifying/tracking, cleaning, organizing and setting up each auction. Chris' acquired experience and knowledge of auctions contributes to her understanding of the importance of the placement, cleanliness, security and the accurate tracking of surplus assets.

What truly makes Chris an outstanding team member is her absolute dedication to doing the job correctly and professionally. Chris is a very generous and charitable person. Chris is constantly helping others. It is rare to meet someone with the dedication and positive "can do" attitude that Chris brings to the job every day.

Mauricio Diaz, Inventory Tracking Specialist, Assistant Yard Foreman
Mauricio Diaz comes from a finance/banking background and is Sierra's inventory tracking specialist. His attention to detail in tracking all non-vehicle assets received (utilizing Sierra's state of the art wireless bar-coded inventory system) is second to none. Mauricio carefully catalogs, categorizes and tracks each asset pre and post sale. Mauricio also applies asset and/or case numbers to each item that requires a specific designation. Additionally, Mauricio successfully manages Sierra's preview and auction day security and load-out staff, now exceeding 50 team members. Mauricio shoulders the responsibility of ensuring that Sierra abides by all legal, regulatory and safety requirements as dictated by the State and/or other legal entities. Mauricio speaks fluent English and Spanish which allows for successful communication with all of Sierra's clients.

Luis Morales, Vehicle and Equipment Manager
Each vehicle and/or piece of heavy equipment sold at Sierra is evaluated, inventoried and detailed. Luis manages all of these operations. Luis also oversees Sierra's decal/adhesive removal operations. With the implementation of "VIN explosion" as part of Sierra's wireless inventory tracking system, Luis is now able to scan the VIN number on incoming vehicles and vehicle data is instantly imported into our inventory tracking software system.

Sophia Nareau, Marketing Assistant
With our extensive online marketing and auction program (including website, online static bidding, and live online bidding) and our broad print advertising campaigns, considerable time and effort are put into photographing and cataloging the equipment and vehicles that will be sold. Sophia is responsible for effectively producing the materials on a time critical basis. In addition, Sophia acts as a trouble shooter, effectively resolving auction day buyer questions and concerns.

Karon Quig, Head Cashier
Karon is a 15-year veteran of the auction business and manages the registration and checkout operations at Sierra. With an average auction attendance between 800 and 1,200 persons per sale, the largest of its type in Arizona, this is a major undertaking that takes considerable pre-planning and effective auction day execution. Karon handles it with patience and skill. This includes the careful collection and administration of tax, and regulatory data for resellers and auction purchasers, both taxable and tax exempt.

Qin Tan, Accounting
Sierra takes great pride in being, to its knowledge, the auction company that pays its consignors and vendors more quickly than any other Auctioneer in Arizona, usually within 5 business days of collecting auction funds! Qin plays a huge role in that accomplishment. Payments are not only fast, they are also extremely accurate. A career accountant, Qin is a recognized software expert and instructor in computerized accounting systems.

Paula Polly, Office Manager, Tucson
Paula manages office operations at Sierra Tucson. Paula is one of the hardest working women in the auction industry. From start to finish, she has a handle on nearly every aspect of the business, including the tracking of assets, the processing and transfer of titles, the processing of all sales related paperwork, invoicing, consignor communications, and logistics. Paula doesn't limit her involvement to the clerical side of the auction, if the job calls for it, she will jump on the seat of a forklift and unload a truck. She is a team player, and a wonderful representative of the work ethic that Sierra embodies.